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Highlights ViSummint

Quick Highlights of VidSummit 2016

VidSummit 2016Are you using the latest marketing techniques to generate a lot of traffic for your videos?

Do you know how to create content that gets thousands of shares on social media?

Are you leveraging the exposure that Facebook and YouTube Live videos can give?

These were some of the topics covered in the third annual VidSummit, organized by Derral Eves and his amazing team in Los Angeles on the 21st through the 23rd of October 2016.

There were a huge number of talented speakers sharing their latest strategies and techniques on ways to get more traffic and exposure through video marketing. In this article, I won’t be able to cover all of them, but rather will share some pictures and experiences I had at this summit with a lot of old and new friends.

Before the event started, I met with my student, Luz Velazques, and we did a Facebook Live interview in which Luz shared about her business as a social media consultant in the Los Angeles area — you can read the case study of Luz in my book Smart Social Media — and I shared some insights on the ways I see the business and marketing field changing thanks to technology over the next 3 – 5 years. If you speak Spanish, you can watch the interview with Luz here.

Lasse Rouhiainen YouTube Space vidsummit-dinner

In the first day, I was able to quickly visit YouTube Space with my friend and Facebook advertising expert, Kevin David. YouTube offers free facilities for high-end video production to everyone who has more than 10 000 subscribers on YouTube. If you are in L.A., I definitely recommend that you check out YouTube Space. It was also nice to have dinner with Owen Hemsath and many other video marketing friends and experts. We did some Facebook Live sessions, which you can see here.

Derral Eves on How to Get Massive Growth to Your YouTube Channel

Derral Eves gave a huge number of golden nudges in his presentation about how he has been able to significantly increase the YouTube video views for some of his clients. Derral presented a number of crucial factors that can affect the number of views people can get through YouTube marketing, but highlighted that the most important metric we should pay attention to is the watch time. You can see this on the YouTube Insights for your channel.

Derral Eves Presentation at VidSummit 2016

Here you can see part of Derrel´s presentation and learn a lot of interesting strategies.

You can buy all the recordings using this link (my aff link).

All in all, Derral did amazing work, sharing a lot of valuable tips and hosting the event in a really professional way. There were a number of other outstanding presentations covering YouTube marketing, and I recommend that you try coming to this event next year, since the content is always a top notch. If you don’t want to miss out, you can get the replays of the seminar here.

Ryan Steinolfson and Alex Boch on Live Streaming

How can you do a Facebook Live video underwater or live stream 360-degree videos on YouTube? These are only a few of the main live streaming strategies that my buddy Ryan Steinolfson covered in his presentation.


Ryan has a vast knowledge of different Live Streaming techniques and technologies and it was nice to spend time with a topical expert who is as excited about Facebook Live as I am.

Alex Boch is the Vice President of Operations of Allie Cam, the only 360-degree camera that allows users to live stream to YouTube (and soon to Facebook). Allie Cam records in high-quality 4K and was originally designed to be a security camera for families and companies. It’s surely one of the most useful and impressive 360-degree cameras on the market and it even allows to you plug in an external microphone, which can help typical problems with low-quality audio.

I did an interview with Ryan and Alex and will be posting it soon.

Lasse testing Allie Cam Alliea Cam

Benjamin Von Wong and the Panono Camera

I had a quick chance to talk with award-winning photographer Benjamin Von Wong, who shared about the way the new 360-degree camera Panono works. The camera has 360-degree lenses and takes extremely high-definition 360-degree photo (it does not take video).

Benjamin Von Wong and Panono Camera

This will be an extremely useful gadget for real estate agents and professionals in the tourism industry, who can quickly create stunning 360-degree photos and share them with their clients.

Greg Jarboe on Ways to Leverage Tubular Insights

I have been following Greg since he wrote the book YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day back in 2009. Greg talked about the ways to get journalists to write about you and shared a lot of helpful recommendations and tools. One of my favorite and most useful ones was, which shows the biggest video publisher for each platform. For example, here, you can see the most popular video publishers on Facebook: Simply by following the kinds of content they generate, you can learn a lot and keep up with the trends.

How Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence Will Change Video Marketing – My Presentation

I had the honor to talk in the last day and to share my vision of the ways that new emerging technologies will change video marketing forever. The first part of my presentation, I spent sharing some action points as to how to effectively promote businesses using Facebook Live videos and case studies of my clients from different sectors. You can read more about Facebook live here and here.


In 2017, marketers need to get ready for huge changes, since consumers will spend much less time viewing videos on desktops and mobile devices, thanks to the growth of virtual reality devices. This will change everything and also will generate interesting marketing opportunities for all kinds of businesses that can promote their products and services using this new and immersive method of marketing.

In the last part of my presentation, I shared my view of the reasons that everyone should be being more attention to artificial intelligence and how it will change all business processes.

According to my estimate, activities such as market research, marketing automation, customer support and customer loyalty programs will be mostly run by artificial intelligence assistants or bots in 2018. I will be covering artificial intelligence more in-depth in future articles, but just remember that I recommend that you start paying more attention to it now to get ahead of the trends.

As said before, there were amazing presentations from a number of top video marketers in the world. You can now get access to the recordings for the event here.


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