Lasse Rouhiainen is a best-selling author and international expert on artificial intelligence, disruptive technologies and digital marketing.

Finnish in origin but based in Spain, Lasse focuses his work on investigating how companies and society in general can better adapt to, and benefit from, artificial intelligence.

Lasse has given keynote presentations, seminars and workshops in more than 16 countries around the world and holds frequent conferences at several universities internationally. He has also provided training to thousands of students and businesses through online e-learning courses.

Lasse has been a speaker at renowned seminars such as Mobile World Capital and TEDx, and has worked with top brands and institutions such as Michelin, Össur and the European Union Intellectual Property Office. He is also a supporter of the Human Centered AI initiative.

Lasse has written several books that have been published on Amazon in both English and Spanish. His latest work on artificial intelligence, called Artificial Intelligence: 101 Things You Must Know Today About Our Future, which is currently being translated into several other languages, was selected by Book Authority as one of the best AI books of all time.

Lasse’s work and opinions have been featured in the international press, including the BBC and Business Insider.

My Career






Gave first workshop


Best-Selling Book on Amazon


Heart of Gold Award Winner


Several TV appearances


My Mission

Share the latest marketing strategies and insights with different international audiences


My vision

Help companies and organizations to improve their communication through the use of latest technologies and marketing strategies


Expanding Goal

To further develop my trainings, workshops and e-learning platforms to reach wider audience