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How To Create Company Videos With VideoLean (Interview)

Videolean is one of the most interesting new video marketing tools, and I have had the pleasure to follow them from the very beginning. In this interview, David Guerra from VideoLean shares a few interesting insights on video marketing and how to use VideoLean.

Q:What are some of the biggest benefits VideoLean offers to companies and what kind of companies should use VideoLean?

A:Creating videos is expensive and time-consuming. Videolean solves that problem by producing pro-looking template videos that are extremely easy to customize and affordable. SMEs, freelancers, marketers, and social media professionals are the heaviest users of Videolean. They find the value in creating engaging content that they were not able to produce before VideoLean existed. Video SEO is another of the big benefits from using Videolean. We’ve found several of our customers’ videos rank better than their own websites. Definitely something to keep in mind for the long tail keywords. Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 12.57.45 PM

Q:Can you share some numbers as to how many users you have now and how many videos have been created with VideoLean?

A: 60,000+ users and 35,000+ videos have been made on Videolean so far. Our main markets are Spain, Mexico, Brazil, UK and USA. We entered the Italian market a couple of months ago. Entrepreneurs and marketers love our solutions, and we’re very excited about the growth we can have in the countries we already have a base within, but we are even more excited about the opportunities we haven’t tested yet.  

Q:What kind of different videos can be many using VideoLean?

A:The most common use of Videolean is for intro videos. It can do much more though. Product videos, video CV, video reports, iPhone apps video, ecommerce, workshops… you name it. That’s why we designed subscription plans. Users are starting to get that Videolean is not a tool for producing a cheap intro video, but a solution that can increase their business’ visibility by creating marketing videos at scale. Therefore, they want to have a proper video strategy, and Videolean fits perfectly there. Subscriptions are ideal for keeping this new format on budget.  videolean

Q:What are some of the biggest mistakes companies make when creating an explainer or animated videos?

A:Not having a goal. Most companies get into Videolean and start customizing templates because it’s extremely easy. That’s absolutely fine. However, posting videos on YouTube and Facebook with no goal and not tracking the results can be frustrating. As mentioned before, Videolean lets you create any type of video due to its wide gallery. So make sure you are communicating a message according to the context where the video will be displayed (intro video in your homepage, product video on the product page, …).


Q:Please share some successful campaigns that have been created using VideoLean ?

A:Videolean is about a bunch of small successes. You can’t expect to revolutionize your business just because of one single intro video – that is then not well promoted. Companies are much more than that, and Videolean is a solution to help you achieve your goals. That said; we had a pretty popular campaign with Mauro Icardi the Inter Milan football player. We created a custom subdomain, with custom templates, about the football player and his club. Fans were able to make videos about their idol and then share them on Facebook. The most voted on video won a signed shirt by Mauro Icardi. The point of this campaign was to let fans know about Mauro Icardi’s new personal brand. The result was hundreds of people interacting with his brand during more than 15 minutes in the site, and then sharing those videos with all their friends, in addition to the new fans acquired on Facebook and Twitter. How many campaigns can boast that retention? Many other big brands are interested in creating similar campaigns because it’s something new and catches people’s attention.

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Q:You recently released API for VideoLean, how other companies can benefit from that or integrate on their own products?

A:Any company trying to add video creation service with a copycat of Videolean technology will have a very hard time because of its complexity. Videolean API lets those businesses add the video creation service to their portfolio just by clicking the “subscribe” button. This means they can either have a new revenue stream with the pay-as-you-go model (client pays every time she wants a video), either increase their average revenue per customer creating a new subscription plan that has the video creation service included. Hosting, mail marketing, and social media management companies are the most benefited from this API because their users are in the sweet spot to buy videos for their websites, newsletters or Social Media accounts.


Q: Many consider video marketing being expensive and time-consuming activity. How do you recommend to calculate the ROI (return on investment) of video marketing

A: Video marketing can be as expensive and time-consuming or as affordable and fast as someone wants. The main issue is not having a goal as mentioned previously. I highly recommend Building a video SEO strategy, by Phil Nottingham to understand better why this is so important, and how to do it well. Short story: define what you want to measure (more visits, better conversion rate, more followers…), how you are going to get the results wanted, and make sure you’re tracking well.

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Q: How do you see video marketing evolving and what’s the future of video marketing?

A:Video marketing grows exponentially year-by-year, but it’s still in the very early days. That means we still have a lot of work ahead. YouTube paying to bloggers or content producers is something that clearly helps to spread out the culture of producing high-quality videos. HD has become the standard in every device we manage (smartphone, webcams, etc.), and there are loads of tutorials about video editing. Nowadays, anyone can create pro-looking videos with time and dedication. Our job is to make that gap as small as possible and help people go through that process as fast as possible. On our end, we plan to make templates more customizable (i.e. change colors, fonts, length, etc.).

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