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Facebook Live Video – 7 Examples On How Companies in Finland Use Facebook Live

  If you are a Finnish entrepreneur or business person that is looking for an innovative way to reach your target audience, Facebook live video may be just what you’re seeking. ​With nearly 1.9 billion active users globally, Facebook offers the greatest degree of access to consumers in Finland through live video, which is one […]

youtube app on iphone

How to use YouTube App On iPhone

YouTube just updated their iPhone app and now it allows you to better search and navigate YouTube homepage and quickly find your favourite videos. Here is a quick 6 minute video tutorial on how you can use the YouTube iPhone App. If you have any questions remember to post them on the comments section. [convertkit […]

14 types of Viral Videos on YouTube

Have you ever wondered why certain videos eventually become viral on YouTube? After the publication of my latest book “101 Video Marketing Tips and Strategies for Small Businesses “, many people have been interested in viral videos and so I decided  to write this article. There are several elements that lead to some videos having […]

5 common video marketing mistakes

Most small and medium sizes companies are unaware of the huge power of using video as a tool to improve credibility and confidence towards your customer and to teach and educate them about the benefits of your products. One of the easiest ways to improve your video marketing efforts is to learn the most common […]