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Canva and visual marketing: Interview with Zach Kitschke from Canva

1.- How would you describe Canva for those who are not familiar with it?

Canva makes it easy to create beautiful designs. It’s Web-based, free-to-use, and intuitive so anyone can use it. Canva enables you to create almost anything for Web or print, including social media posts, presentations, business cards and posters.

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2. You work as a Head of Communications at CANVA, can you share what your job entails?

My role is quite varied, and can involve handling PR for a launch, through to working on our email campaigns, customer service and design content. I started at Canva over two years ago now, and it’s grown phenomenally in that time. We’ve gone from 0 to 3 million users, and our team has expanded rapidly too.

Part of the fun of working in a startup like Canva, is that the work is constantly changing, and there’s always something new to figure out. Our next big chapter will be the launch of Canva for Work, which we think has the potential to transform the way team’s create marketing materials and documents.


3. Why do you think visual marketing is so crucial element in digital marketing today?

Everywhere you look, visuals are becoming more prevalent. There are now teams in most organisations dedicated to creating social media content, whereas that wasn’t even a consideration a decade ago.

Salespeople are expected to produce presentations and proposals and small businesses are expected to have good-looking marketing materials on a shoestring budget.

The need to produce visual content is increasing, and I think that’s why Canva has taken off. We think Canva for Work will help make it even easier to create branded content.

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4. What are some of the images or visuals that new companies can quickly recreate using Canva?

You can really create anything in Canva. It’s been most popular with social media marketers, bloggers and small business owners who use it to create their own visuals, but we’re also seeing larger companies use it too. Amazingly, 40% of the Fortune 500 are already using Canva.

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5. Can you use Canva basically for anything you would do with PhotoShop, InDesign or other design programs?

Canva was created as a layout tool, so it’s very quick to create a poster, or a business card. We don’t do “pixel manipulation”, so you can’t create a logo in Canva.

Though if you have a logo, you can pull that into Canva, and very easily use that to create your other graphics. For professional designers, Canva is really a complementary tool to what they’re currently using.

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6. What are some of the most used features of Canva that people are most using? What are some of the least used features?

Some of our most popular design types are social media posts, presentations and posters. People love our photo filters, and the selection of images and pre-set layouts they can use.

There are some special hidden features which will appeal more to the power users, such our keyboard shortcuts. Here’s an infographic which shows how to use them:

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7. Canva is growing a lot, can you share some statistics as to how many people are using it, how many images creates etc.. (the more stats you can share the better)

We’ve now got more than 3 million people using Canva who have created 19.7 million designs.

8. Canva also has an interesting feature where one image can be edited by several people right?

That’s right. You can share a link to your design and allow co-workers or friends to make changes. It’s great for collaborating with others. Many graphic designers use it to share their work with clients, and avoid confusing back-and-forth changes via email.

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9. You have a new section called Canva for Work, can you share what that includes?

Canva for Work will make it easy to create branded designs. We can’t share too much more just yet, other than we think it’ll be very popular with anyone wanting to create marketing materials or documents for their brand. It’ll include some very cool productivity features too. To pre-register, visit


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10. What would be your recommendations to our readers so they could take maximum benefit of Canva?

Check out our Design School canva. It has daily articles and design tips to help you get the most out of Canva. There’s also an interactive 30-part tutorial series which you can take at your own pace, and learn all the fundamentals of design.

11. What are some future trends of visual marketing that you recommend everyone to follow?

Visuals are becoming increasingly important for every profession. Knowing how to create compelling visuals will boost your social media and improve the way your team works. Visual communication is one of the best ways to convey your message.


12.Can you share some features that are coming up in Canva?

There’s some great features in the pipeline, but unfortunately I can’t say too much right now. I’d definitely suggest pre-registering  for Canva for Work to get early access, and see what we have in store!


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