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8 Benefits of Facebook Live Videos

Have you tried the new live videos on Facebook yet? Without a doubt, this new tool for sharing live video on social media has very interesting implications, especially for the field of marketing. A video that shows what is happening at a specific location in real time has a much more powerful impact on an audience than a traditional video. For this reason, this new Facebook feature can provide very exciting new possibilities for the promotion of your business. Here are 8 Benefits of Facebook Live Videos

Some Advantages of Live Videos on Facebook:

  • Benefits of Facebook Live VideosGreater Transparency and Credibility: Currently, consumers are oversaturated and overwhelmed by all the different forms of content competing for their attention. Live videos provide relevant information that is uncensored and unedited. They offer transparency and credibility since the content cannot be manipulated. They simply show what is happening, as it is happening. Hence, this type of video generates a higher trust level from potential customers, thereby generating a higher potential income level. The goal is to eventually broadcast live videos with content that is substantial enough to win over these potential customers and turn them into loyal and committed consumers.
  • Novelty and Surprise Factor: Although live videos are gaining in popularity, they are still considered a novelty, generating a great deal of curiosity and interest by consumers. Customers like the element of surprise that comes along with seeing something that is happening in that very instant, and enjoy the feeling that they are witnessing something that no one else has seen before. Additionally, live videos now benefit from technological advances, such as better image quality, faster connection speed, and the ability to be viewed on a multitude of devices, especially mobile phones. All this has a multiplier effect on the potential increase in income. Additionally, there are still only a few companies that use live videos, so starting to use them as soon as possible will be a great way to take advantage of this new tool to differentiate your business from the rest of the crowd.
  • Consumers Prefer Live Content: In general, consumers love video content, but much more so if it is live. These videos are not edited and there is no possibility of hiding reality. They are ideal to use for showing the activities of a company, such as the action in the kitchen of a restaurant or what happens as a company prepares for an event. They also offer the possibility of direct communication with a customer, by allowing them to ask questions about what is being broadcast.
  • Lower Rate of Abandonment than Traditional Videos: Traditional videos have been around for a long time, but consumers are oversaturated by them. If they are not very interesting, such videos are abandoned in a few seconds and the message is not transmitted. On the other hand, live videos have the element of surprise, which engages customers. They are less likely to be abandoned because they are new and have the interesting dynamic of being less prepared and more realistic and improvisational. They are also more likely to be subsequently played more times than traditional videos.
  • Sharing on Facebook is the Key: On Facebook, it is easy to share a video. The social network is completely focused on rapidly, and almost automatically, sharing content with friends. This has considerable advantages over other video platforms like YouTube, which does not have this social component. People love to share, especially from their mobile phones, and Facebook has millions of active users who can be reached quickly and easily.
  • You Will be Featured as an Expert: The impact of broadcasting live videos relates to quality, knowledge, and experience. Companies that work with live videos are usually considered by their audiences to be experts and innovative, especially by the majority of users who tend not to work with this type of technology, due to lack of knowledge, shyness, or lack of information about its usefulness as a marketing tool. Want to see an example: Here you can see Dr. Michael Greger from NutritionFacts and his Q & A sessions. Some of these sessions get 18 000 views.
  • Live Video is Faster to Create than Normal Video: The production of a live video is as simple as taking out a mobile phone and starting to record. There is no need to edit anything, just to simply show what is happening. It is much faster to produce a live video than a normal video. However, before you make a live video, you should have a good communication plan, including knowing what message you want to transmit and having a clear idea of what can be beneficial for a brand or a company. Also, it is more suitable to produce live videos of a short duration, as they are easier to share instantly.
  • Interaction with Customers: The end objective of any marketing effort is to connect with possible customers and establish a lasting relationship with them. Of course, this results in higher income for the company. Live videos are an ideal tool for bringing brand awareness to the consumer and creating a link of confidence and credibility with the brand. Live videos allow the details of a company’s day-to-day operations to be shown to customers. They can reveal how things work behind the scenes and help explain the philosophy of the company. Live videos promote constant interactions with customers. They are an excellent platform to use for receiving reviews and asking opinions about innovations. They can also be used to introduce tips and ideas for the future. In short, they are able to share information with any customer.

Getting Started with Live Videos on Facebook

Getting started producing live videos as a marketing tool is relatively simple. After some initial planning, any entrepreneur can start making live videos and use them to promote their business. Since short live videos are easier to produce, it is recommended that you begin with those. Also, consumers often become bored watching long videos that offer too much, and often irrelevant, information. Therefore, short live videos that focus on specific things are perfect for marketing promotions.

Some entrepreneurs may think they do not have enough interesting information to share in a live video. However, any company or business always has something to communicate to their customers. It is not necessary to be a celebrity or to create expensive audiovisual productions. The key is for live videos to be authentic. Consumers usually appreciate the efforts of an entrepreneur and enjoy learning something different or interesting about a company. Therefore, a live video is an excellent way to strongly reinforce the consumer confidence in, and the credibility of, a brand or company.

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