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Facebook Messenger – 5 Tips to Use Facebook Messenger for Business Communications


Have you been using Facebook Messenger to communicate with your customers?

Would you like more of your customers to send you messages on Facebook?

It’s really simple to do with the help of a few tools and tricks with the Messenger platform.

Facebook Messenger has been growing rapidly since it was introduced in 2011. They currently have over one billion active users.

While you might be using Messenger just to chat with friends, Facebook has big plans for the service. More than just an add-on to the social networking site Messenger is its own entity.

Facebook Messenger is the best way to communicate with clients or customers as a lot of clients and customers prefer Messenger over an email. Emails have become more impersonal as you cannot see the other person’s face. While Messenger makes users feel connected to the person they are talking with.

While the app is great for chatting or sending videos or pictures there is so much more to do with Messenger.

Did you know you can use it to make phone calls or video calls? This is a great feature that is particularly useful for international businesses connections.

A lot of companies have started using their own chat bots, which is an automated way of communicating with clients using a computer program that acts like a human being.

Some companies have been using Messenger creatively by allowing customers to reserve a hotel room or to check bank balances using the app.

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) advances we will be able to do many, many other tasks inside of Facebook Messenger.

Here are 5 easy and simple-to-apply tips that will help you get more out of the Messenger tool.

1. Use to communicate quicker

messenger tips is a free website that you can log onto with your personal Facebook profile. This tool will help you communicate better and faster.

On the site you can search for archived messages, send audio messages and everything else you can do within the app. However, since it works on a desktop computer it makes it easier to send messages.

When I am working at my desk I always have this site open. It helps me create new messages quickly and reply to messages faster.

It is important to note that it currently only works for Facebook profiles, not pages.

2. Start sending audio messages

audio messages

Audio messages will be a big communication tool in the future thanks to voice recognition technologies and AI.

It is highly likely that once they become mainstream we will no long use a keyboard but instead will talk to the computer. What this means is that when computers have developed the capability to understand what we are saying then we will be able to speak to them and they will be able to respond to our verbal commands. It will be at least 20 percent faster than typing the content in with a keyboard.

Have you tested sending audio messages with Facebook Messenger? It is similar to WhatsApp in that it is an easy option and will improve the quality of your connection with your clients or possible clients. For example, if a customer is asking for some details about your product it is better to respond with an audio message. The client will understand it better and it will also create a better connection because they will come to trust you more. The more you can humanize your communication the more likely they will contact you again.

For that reason, I encourage you to start sending more and more audio messages when you respond to clients.

For many small businesses, it is more convenient to use Facebook messenger because it is usually easier than writing. It also allows you the option of doing it while you are walking or doing something else and you can use just one hand for the task.

3. Start using and promoting your link


facebook messenger

The is a short link that all Facebook users have and offers an easy to remember way to initiate a conversation with you.  Customers can use the link to open a new chat with you whenever they need to ask you something. This is a useful feature as it is much easier for the customer to use rather than going to the Facebook page and searching out the message button.

As a business, you should be using it in all of your emails, on your website and all other communications.

Let’s remember that the more conversations we have the more sale conversions we have. The goal of using Messenger with customers is to initiate those conversations that we can convert into sales.

If you want to test how this works, send me a message to

4. Use and promote your Facebook Codes

lasse rouhiainen

Each Facebook user page and user has a unique Facebook code, which allows you to quickly start a conversation with someone.  It is similar to a QR code but doesn’t come with the hassle of needing to download anything.

Similar to tip #3, this is a great way for customers to contact you easily. If used correctly it can generate more customers. For example, restaurants and local shops could print out the code (Facebook provides a high-resolution version) and put it in windows where people will see it. This will give customers an easy way to start a conversation with you.

Here is how you can get your code:

Go to your Facebook messages and click on the button as indicated in the picture below.

This is one of the features that most people are not aware of but it is available on all personal profiles.

In China, consumers are already used to this style of code and are using it to start conversations on Messenger.

I highly recommend you start using it too and encourage your customers to share your contact information.

5. Setup your response assistant in Messenger

facebook messenger tips

This is one of the most helpful features of Messenger. It helps you serve your clients better if you have an automated response to their message. For example, you could generate a message to send out automatically that says, “Thank you for contacting us (Messenger can put in the personal name of the client in here). We will respond to you as quickly as possible.”

I highly recommend this tool as customer satisfaction tends to be higher when their messages are acknowledged quickly.

In the future Facebook will be adding more automations and extra features to expand the capabilities of Messenger. They are always developing new tools and possibilities for communication better. The goal will be to allow us to do more business within Facebook.

Please let me know which one of these tips you found the most useful?


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