Facebook Live Video – 7 Examples On How Companies in Finland Use Facebook Live

If you are a Finnish entrepreneur or business person that is looking for an innovative way to reach your target audience, Facebook live video may be just what you’re seeking.

​With nearly 1.9 billion active users globally, Facebook offers the greatest degree of access to consumers in Finland through live video, which is one of the most effective promotional methods available today. With content that is perceived as being more transparent and authentic, as it cannot be edited or modified, the reach afforded by live video is unparalleled.

​However, currently, very few companies in Finland are taking advantage of this powerful tool. Traditionally, Finnish companies have been slow to respond to new techniques available in social media outreach. For example, companies throughout the international community, including England, Spain, Italy, and Germany, began to actively use Twitter back in 2009 and 2010, while Finnish companies did not start to use Twitter until a few years after that.

​As you can see from the map below, countries in Northern Europe are currently less engaged in Facebook live video technologies than in other locales. The larger spots on the map indicate more activity and greater audiences for live content. The most recent version of this interactive map can be viewed at www.facebook.com/live. You can also see the creative ways that live video is used by political groups, entrepreneurs, and individuals through this link.

Facebook Live Video

7 Examples of Finnish Companies and Organizations That Use Facebook Live

​Although there are not a ton of companies in Finland that actively use Facebook live to reach their target audiences, here are seven businesses and organizations that are using this technology well. In preparation for this article, it was difficult to find quality examples of businesses in Finland engaging through Facebook live, so thank you to my social media students at Haaga-Helia University for their help in compiling this list!

Even though these videos are not perfect and many of them could be improved, they provide good examples of the reasons that companies in Finland need to start creating new kinds of live video content.​

1. ​Terveystalo: Terveystalo is a wonderful example of the ways that health companies can leverage their expertise and share helpful content with an audience.

​Terveystalo highlights various professionals within the field of healthcare that have useful information to share. In the example below, a nutritional expert shares advice on the best ways to lose weight.

​(Thanks to Sara Collin for sharing this.)

2. ​Finnish Tax Authorities: This organization has been very active in using various social media tools, providing quality information with citizens about various tax questions. Hopefully, other government entities will learn from the example of this organization, which is doing a great job in establishing trust and offering information to the people of Finland.

3. ​Helsinki Salsa Academy: The Helsinki Salsa Academy was founded by Mikko Kemppe and uses Facebook live video to showcase specialized salsa events, like their Palladium Nights shown in the video below. Because the content offers audiences a way to preview the events before committing to classes, the Salsa academy makes it more likely that someone who watches their videos will reach out and contact them to learn more about the things that they offer.

4. ​Lidl Suomi: In addition to answering basic questions about summer jobs that are available in Lidl, this company provides a lot of useful information to their target audience in creative ways. Lidl Suomi is an example of large company that has used the Facebook live platform in effective ways to reach particular groups of viewers.

​(Thanks for Jenni Tapper for sharing this.)

5. ​HIFK Football: The football team based in Helsinki shares short video clips of interesting content before and after games are played, which is an exciting way to engage fans more actively than traditional still pictures shared by most athletic teams.

​(Thanks to Mikko Palontie for this link.)

6. ​Jounin Kauppa: Jounin Kauppa gives a great example of Facebook live video content being used for a personal brand. The owner, Sampo Kaulanen, is a pioneer of social media and in this Facebook Live broadcast gave out 1000 euros for people who shared content with friends, reaching over half a million people. Jounin Kauppa typically applies the latest social media strategies and there is much that businesses can learn from his fearless and innovative use of available technologies.

7. Tjäreborg: In this series of videos, Tom Nylund (who works for Dingle, the creator of these videos) shares daily videos from his family vacation together with his wife and daughter.

​Although this is a well-planned marketing campaign, the final result is quite authentic, raw, and useful for Finnish consumers who might be thinking of going on a vacation in Canary Islands. During the Facebook Live video, Tom answers questions from the audience. This type of content normally works well on Facebook Live broadcasts. It’s highly likely that travel agencies will start to create similar kinds of content in the future.

​You can read more about this campaign here.

These companies offer just a taste of the possibilities that are open to entrepreneurs that use Facebook live videos to connect with audiences. With a service that is free and easy to use either from a computer or a mobile device, there are extensive benefits to using Facebook live video to promote businesses.

​Wondering what are the main benefits of Facebook Live Videos? Read this article in order to learn more: 8 Benefits of Facebook Live Videos

Facebook has also begun to push its users toward live video content to increase the engagement and interest with the platform. Over the next few years, we will likely see a change in the platform as video content becomes the primary form of communication on Facebook. To prevent offensive content, Facebook is also employing artificial intelligence in some interesting new ways.

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