October 16 2016 0comment
Lasse Rouhiainen in European Union Agencies Seminar

Facebook Live Video Training for European Union Agencies

How could governmental organizations leverage Facebook Live Videos? Last week, the webmasters of the European Union Agencies had their annual meeting in Alicante, Spain. I had the privilege of attending the gathering to provide training about Facebook Live Video and the best ways to use it. This was a particularly inspiring, yet challenging task, as these agencies […]

October 13 2016 0comment

8 Benefits of Facebook Live Videos

Have you tried the new live videos on Facebook yet? Without a doubt, this new tool for sharing live video on social media has very interesting implications, especially for the field of marketing. A video that shows what is happening at a specific location in real time has a much more powerful impact on an […]

September 28 2016 0comment

12 E-Learning and Online Learning Best Practices

Would you like to conduct effective and engaging online courses? Whether you’ve ever led virtual classes in the past or are just getting started in the world of online learning, this article will give you a lot of practical information that can help you to improve your teaching techniques. E-learning is a very broad topic. […]

September 15 2016 0comment

5 Strategies For Facebook Customer Analysis

Modern Facebook marketing always begins by analyzing your ideal client, and determining which online tools would be most effective for better identifying the ideal customer, as well as the competition. In the last article, I shared 5 Facebook Marketing Trends and Recommendations. This article provides five strategies for customer analysis. Strategies related to customer analysis 1. Create […]

February 06 2016 1Comment

5 Facebook Marketing Trends and Recommendations

Would you like to know the most important Facebook marketing trends for 2016? I my new book 101 FACEBOOK MARKETING TIPS AND STRATEGIES For Small Businesses you can find 101 marketing strategies related to Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. The following 5 Facebook Marketing trends and recommendations are from the first chapter of the book and you […]

October 09 2015 1Comment

My Insights On Video Marketing and Social Media

Some time ago I was interviewed by MediaShower blog regarding my take on video marketing and social media marketing in today´s business. You can read some of the questions and answers in this post, but I also recommend to check the full interview here. What’s your professional background? All my life I have been interested in […]

September 24 2015 1Comment

Everything a student needs to know about LinkedIn

The importance of being on LinkedIn Would you like to improve your presence on LinkedIn? LinkedIn is the professional social network par excellence and since its beginning in 2003 has been increasing its active members to more than 300 million members in 200 countries and even surpassing Twitter. In addition, this social platform currently has a […]

September 10 2015 0comment

Canva and visual marketing: Interview with Zach Kitschke from Canva

1.- How would you describe Canva for those who are not familiar with it? Canva makes it easy to create beautiful designs. It’s Web-based, free-to-use, and intuitive so anyone can use it. Canva enables you to create almost anything for Web or print, including social media posts, presentations, business cards and posters.   2. You […]

August 23 2015 0comment

Why Should You Study Social Media? Four Marketing Students Share Their Experiences

Why should marketing students study social media or digital marketing? In this article, you can read the experiences from four students that participated in my online courses at the Haaga-Helia University in Helsinki. These courses cover all the latest strategies and tactics of Social Media and Digital Marketing, including how companies can implement effective marketing […]

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