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Infographic – 9 Reasons Why Artificial Intelligence is Important Now

What is it exactly that makes artificial intelligence such an essential and special technology right now? Artificial intelligence and deep learning expert Andrew Ng probably said it best when he described artificial intelligence as the new electricity. In saying this, he demonstrated his belief that AI will soon power most of our activities in society […]

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How To Use Robots in Education

Would you rather learn from a robot teacher or a human teacher? The use of robots is rapidly becoming more commonplace all around us – in our workplaces, our homes, and soon even in our schools. Although the use of robots is quite new in the field of education, some experts predict that within the […]

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How can a blockchain improve the social media networks?

Thanks to blockchain technology, there is a great opportunity to improve the way social networks work today. Disadvantages to current social networks One well-known problem in current social networks is that they are centralized, meaning that they are managed by a central entity or a leadership team. Typically, the key priority of the leadership team is […]

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7 commonly asked questions on artificial intelligence

7 Commonly Asked Questions on Artificial Intelligence

Have you started seeing more about artificial intelligence in the news headlines? Would you like to know how it will affect your day to day life? As you might know, I recently published my new book about artificial intelligence, which covers 101 fundamental topics on the subject. You can read more about the book here. […]

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13 Business Skills For The Future (Infographic)

In today´s business environment, the particular skills that are necessary to success are changing rapidly. With the continued digitalization of nearly every aspect of our lives, we will soon see changes in how people communicate, do business, participate in leisure activities, and even sleep. These advances can lead people to become overwhelmed and confused about […]

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Facebook Live Video – 7 Examples On How Companies in Finland Use Facebook Live

  If you are a Finnish entrepreneur or business person that is looking for an innovative way to reach your target audience, Facebook live video may be just what you’re seeking. ​With nearly 1.9 billion active users globally, Facebook offers the greatest degree of access to consumers in Finland through live video, which is one […]